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For those consumers who do not wish to use exfoliating bar soaps (which can sometimes be irritating and drying especially for sensitive skin types) this rich creamy scented scrub gently removes dead skin and impurities, restoring dull skin back to its soft and silky texture.  Allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin much more effectively.
How to use:
Dampen skin with warm water and gently massage scrub onto clean complexion or body for 1 – 2 min. Avoid eye area. Rinse well. Pat dry. Follow up with Gold lightening/brightening product of choice.
Tip: Cell renewal slows down as we age giving the skin a dull appearance, therefore exfoliation is an important step to add to your daily skincare regimen, instantly improving skin’s texture and enhancing skin’s glow.

Main Ingredient: Gentle fruit powder

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